Mackenzie Joyce aka Macky-J
By Maddi

Mackenzie Joyce is a true, one-of-a-kind thinker. She's off-beat, honest, quirky... and mine - so get your own best friend. During the day, she saves people from chlorine deaths and piss-water graves. By night, she devours novels and film with her sidekick, Astro, a neutered cat. From the time we first bonded over being kicked out of our friend group, I knew this relationship would be perfect. And so it is.

More words that describe Macky-J: Banjo, no pants (two words, I know; piss off), records, food, spontaneous, loyal, tattoos... I will be updating this list of words frequently as I observe the Mackenzie Joyce in her natural and sometimes no-so-natural habitats (such as streets, pools, houses, eateries, hair salons, etc.)

Maddison Hicks aka Hicks from the Sticks
By Macky-J

Maddi Hicks is the most out-there Christian, private-school teacher, married lady you will likely ever meet. Don't let her conservative exterior fool you--she's absolutely nuts, but in a good way. She has an ultra creative mind and sees things that no one else sees until she points it out. Plus, she has two cats, Mimi Meatloaf and Salis Sugarbottom, and a kind-of-dog, Sami, who is basically a cat anyway. I decided we were friends when no one else would sit with us, the two weird girls dancing to our iPods at lunch.

More words that describe Maddi Mae: Housewife, cats, adventurous, gangster...more words to come.

Cast of Characters
(AKA Honorable Mentions)

Joshua Hicks

Mimi Meatloaf

Salis Sugarbottom



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