The Rules of Rock Paper Scissors:

Call and Response
One author posts a call to the other. A call can be audio, visual, or verbal and is intended to inspire the other author to post a response. In the fashion of the popular game Rock Paper Scissors, the responding author must post with one of the other two media forms. For instance, if Macky-J posts a audio call, Maddi can post either a visual or verbal response.

Hocus Focus
To add to the Rock Paper Scissors challenge, each week we will choose a theme for our calls and responses. See the Weekly Hocus Focus gadget for updated themes.

Rule Breakers
During any week, Macky-J and Maddi may choose to declare a Rule Breaker. Rule Breakers are weekly challenges that twist the Rock Paper Scissors format of call and response. Rule Breakers are outlined below.

  • Chain Smoking - Instead of call and response, call and response, a Chain Smoking week will follow a call, response, response, response... (and so on) format. In other words, we will be responding to each other's responses for the duration of the week.
  • Copy Cat - Instead of following the Rock Paper Scissors rules for responding to calls, the response must match the media format of the call. For example, if Maddi posts a visual call, Macky-J must post a visual response.
  • Simon Says - Whoever posts a call must also decide what from the response is.  For example, if Macky-J posts a written call, she can tell Maddi to post an audio response. 
We also want to invite all of our readers to post responses by commenting on calls and responses. Please, comment! We want intellectual discussion and thought-provoking communication to happen here, on Rock Paper Scissors.

Our purpose for Rock Paper Scissors? To challenge ourselves to delve deeper into artistic media, making connections and discovering new facets of the songs, poems, prose, art, photography, etc. that we love so dearly.

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