Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Response: There For You


Why this response?
This image just perfectly fits my grasp of our relationship. Both burdened, hurt, broken women who are giggling girls when together. Just the two of us - the combination makes everything bearable. The image of their ecstasy even when sitting alone together reminds me of our high school days sitting just the two of us, dancing to music that only we could hear. These lyrics:

You see, you've always had faith in me
And so i'll have faith in you
You've always been there for me
And so i'll be there for you

You've always been good to me
Even when I'm not good to myself
You've always been fair to me
Even when I'm not fair to myself
You've always done right by me
So I will do right by you

Ours is a friendship perfectly illustrated by image and song combined. An innocence in our togetherness. A freedom in our connection. Despite tragedy and complications, we are faithful, fair, and as good to each other as we can manage. Even when I haven't been, she has. The love these two little girls share is a beautiful, pure, powerful relationship. When reality slips, Macky-J and I find solace, find ourselves in each others company. Together we can forget the pain and laugh hysterically about being badpoop caroling terrorist.

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