Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Response: Tuff Ghost

Why this response?

First of all, how have I never heard Tuff Ghost before, and where have The Unicorns been all my life?  I love the message of the song, or at least the message I interpreted (which is always more shallow than others seem to interpret--but to me, the most obvious interpretation of things feels the most authentic to me) which seems summed up here:

Well i lift weights, but i don't sweat.
I go for a swim, but i don't get wet
I don't care about anyone else
I'm a strong dead man, looking out for himself
I think you're suffering, that's why you're so mean
You're already dead

It's about someone who is so dead inside that they have gone completely numb, but that numbness has been brought on by pain and suffering.  It makes me think of someone who acts so strong, probably even a bully, who is really weak and tortured.  Unfortunately, when it comes to people who are cruel and mean to others, this is often the case. 

Anyway, I chose this picture based on that interpretation.  Skeletons are always seen around Halloween, in horror movies, etcetera.  They're meant to be terrifying, with no purpose other than to freak you the hell out.  But the skeleton in this picture shows a different side.  His mouth, instead of being a creepy grin, is turned into a pained grimace by the angle of the drawing.  His bones-usually creepy and threatening-seem fragile and lacking the substance of a real body.  He (or she) is reaching fruitlessly for this bird (a dove maybe, which is a biblical symbol of hope) which seems will always be out of reach.  Lastly, he is absolutely alone in space.  To me, this picture represents the character described in the song, someone who tries to act "tuff" and threatening, when really, they're just a skeleton of themselves.  Someone who can't seem to grasp hope for the future.  Someone already dead.  Just a ghost. 

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