Sunday, November 17, 2013

Response: Lessons

 Photograph by Joshua Hicks

The Story Behind This Photo
When Joshua was on the road, he met a store owner who invited Joshua to visit his historic home (photographed above). The man said that he had a worker in the house who came to him asking if there was supposed a woman in the house because he had seen one. The owner said no, but asked what the woman looked like? The worker said that she was wearing all white with blonde hair; he went on describing the woman in great detail (Joshua can't remember the specifics). The owner said that the woman the worker saw was his wife who had died two years earlier. His new wife (who Joshua says is not very nice) is haunted by his dead wife and hates living in the home.

Why this response?
In Pete Stalling's song Lesson in Living, he keeps singing, "All I want is a house to haunt so I can stop haunting you." I wonder if that's how the owner's wife feels? Maybe she wishes she had a new house to haunt so that she can stop haunting the house of her living husband and new hateful wife.

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