Friday, November 15, 2013

Response: le temps de l'amour

Miss Dior Chérie Parfum Ad

Why this response?
I was kind of obsessed with this advertisement campaign when it first aired, especially the magazine advertisement which featured this pink silk lettering and the model flying into the air holding the balloons - (I'll include a picture below). It just felt happy and girly and carefree, and it was nice to step outside of my dark, twisted little teenage mind into the world of Miss Dior Chérie. 

The call song, le temps de l'amour (how does one properly capitalize French anyway?), speaks of the in-the-moment bliss of love, however short and fleeting. Flaws, pains, ends... they all seem exceptionally distal and unimportant.

This advertisement campaign (which I'm going to classify as visual) features a young woman infatuated with herself, her neighborhood, her bicycle, her hair, her sunglasses, her bakery, her perfume, etc. It all seems so silly and frivolous until we discover the source of this infatuation in one of the final scenes: a kiss from her love. And as she flies off into the sky lofted by a bundle of balloons, she thinks not about when and where those balloons will pop. She is deep in le temps de l'amour.

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