Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Response: Jimmy Jet

Why this response?

I absolutely love Shel Silverstein, so I was thrilled to see the poem.  

This image is a still from one of my favorite movies, SLC Punk.  Although I chose a visual response which should stand on its own, some context is needed.  The movie is about two anarchist punks who live in a Mormon-controlled Salt Lake City, Utah.  In this scene, Steve-o (the one with blue hair, who is also a narrator) talks about how to "fight the man" they would waste their college educated minds.  In this still, they're staring blankly at a broken television with a portrait of Ronald Reagan taped to it as a willing effort to ruin their minds.  

I like this paired with the poem because in the poem, I imagine a child wasting their young mind on TV, but in this image, they are college educated adults. Is this just a cycle that never ends?  Can it be broken?  Is it ironic that these people are using TV as an act of protest to purposely dumb themselves down?  Answers to these questions and more on News 4 at 8:30. 

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