Thursday, November 14, 2013

Response: Jim Morrison

People Are Strange - The Doors

Why this response?

It seems predictable and easy to pick a song from The Doors for a call of Jim Morrison, but give me a chance to explain myself before you dismiss this post for lack of depth.

People Are Strange is addressing how the world feels and looks to a person struggling with an emotional/mental disorder. When I'm down I feel strange; consequently, people seem strange, faces are ugly, women are wicked, streets are uneven, etc. Everything feels strange and dark and twisted and heavy.

Dealing with this distorted reality is difficult. Many choose to handle the darkness with alcohol and drugs like Jim Morrison. Sadly, the world loses talented, creative, unique people to pills and bottles constantly because of this attempt to conquer the strange darkness inside - people like Jim Morrison. 

I've tried the drugs and alcohol route, and (while it was certainly added to my creativity) it destroyed me. Now I'm sticking with medication, but even meds can't keep me from being strange every now and then. 

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