Sunday, November 17, 2013

Call: The Mascot

The Mascot (1934) - Ladislaw Starewics

Disregard any dialogue as it was not written with the play!

Side Note:
Last night, Joshua took me to see the Hot Club of San Francisco, a gypsy jazz group inspired by Django Reinhardt (the creator of gypsy jazz). In addition to playing stand-alone pieces, they also accompanied three silent films. One of which is this GENIUS film by Ladislaw Starewics. I am IN LOVE with this film. It was written, filmed, and created in stop-motion form by Ladislaw Starewics alone. For perspective, stop-motion film is created by taking a photograph, moving the figure(s) an imperceptible amount, taking another photograph, etc. It takes sixteen photographs to make ONE SECOND of film. This film is an amazing feat of creativity, patience, and straight-up genius. 

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